Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yeah- I think he's on a roll now- doing the best you possibly can before an album surfaces- touring and jazzing... mooooob! (ontop of featuring in like 3 magazines currently on stands) The tour's looks sick: The Great Hangover headlined by himself and "some guy" called Asher Roth... sick - the lights and the SCREEN IN THE BACK! Well yeah- the album art is now out, donno whodunit but it's very noirrrrce- didn't expect that. I think Im gonna catch myself copping that for Christmas (plus BP3& Thank Me Later [Drake]).
Here's a video from the tour:


Cudi covers Complex

Complex's 5th Annual Style & Design was coveed by the one and only Lonely-Stoner-Mr.-Solo-Dolo. Art work by Augor (Teleport to his website here). The pic's a link to the cove story via the Complex website.

Keri Hilson covers Complex

Pretty hot shoot- go peep the cover story and a couple of other pics. Artwork by So-Me of The Cool Cats (The guy that did Kanye's video for The Good Life). Teleport Here.

I'm Good

Been waiting to post this. Video came out like a month ago on myspace music, but "is unavailable in your country due to copyright restrictions..." or something to that effect. I won't say tooo much. Feel good tune, pretty solid, they'r sounding more Southern now- donno bout the album: two good singles out so far (this and "Kinda Like A Big Deal featuring Kanye"), but there's this next one featuring Keri Hilson... pretty weak. Speaking of Keri Hilson... watch this space.

Friday, August 7, 2009


"Na na na na- hey hey hey- goodbyyyyyyyyyye..... good riddance"
-Jay-Z- D.O.A (Death Of Autotune); Yours Truly- D.O.T (Death Of Twitter)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think she's gone....
Yeah, Twitter and Facebook came under attack from some technical vigilantes, causing both sites to close down and barring users from accessing the shit. Facebook's been a bit of a drag lately, the hype is kinda dead- the friends you could actuall jazz are not usually online when you are (?...) and yh, there isn't much to it anymore- I'm on it, so if it's gone forever I'll mos def miss it (ish...). That's unlikely, though, 'cause the Facebook chaps are armed to the teeth with technical artillery- economies of scale won't let that happen.

TWITTER on the other hand has made a nigger gleeful today- it might also be back in a minute, but still- I've never been an avid fan of that shit- it just strikes me as the Hannah Montana version of Facebook- with just status updates and a couple of other things- but yeah- the fact that everybody was at it kinda awoke the inner communist guerrilla in me and moved me to make one of the most controversial decisions of my adolescent life.... I f*@#ed TWITTER. Forgive my French.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make Her Say

My favorite song last week- Make Her Say (poke her face). Cudi with a new one featuring Kanye and Common and Lady Gaga (the po-po-po-po-po-po-po-po-poke her face part), scratched by A-Trak (Fool's Gold bossman), I heard this song back when Poker Face (the Lady Gaga one from which this samples it's chorus) still had steam- it made me like the original. The downlod link doesn't work so just Google the sh* and admire the Fool's Gold cover art above(btw, Fool's Gold records- they've got the most diseased graphics people- check it: FOOL'S GOLD RECORDS) below is the video in HQ- should be slower to load, but better to watch. Yeah. Peace.

Whatever You Want- my song of the week

Nice tune right there- Consequence featuring Kanye West & John Legend. This one's my song this week- absolute dopeness- G.O.O.D music (all pun intended). I think it would sound great in the club, really up beat- can't wait to spot a video, you know I'll have it here quick fast. I like the album art as well. The above pic is (not) a download link. I like the single art.